May 20, 2024

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Movie Screening..

Selamat Sejahtera semua. Today I just want to share about the movie that I watch last night. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. Itulah nama filem tersebut. Actually I dont watch this movies alone. This times I bring along my brother in law and my sister with me. I got 4 tickets to watch this movies. A pair from my Luvely Churp-Churp and another pair from Nuffnang.. Firstly I have to queue up to collect my tickets. And of course I taken from Churp-churp first then baru Nuffnang. I meet Michelle again this time..haha3.

So, this movie screening become more happening because I meet with my buddies from previous secondary school. This world is so small. I manage to meet them here! In KL. All of us is actually from Kelantan. And after not meet each others  about 5 years,  then because of this movie screening, we meet there. Oh! Bertuahnya diriku rasa. Terima kasih Churp2 kerana beri tiket tu kepada dia dan jugak kepada aku.. Tak sangka jugak dapat jumpa..

Ok! Stop talking nonsense. Let move on the synopsis of this movies.. (taken from Nuffnang)

[notice]Something ancient and evil is alive in the darkness beneath the Blackwood Mansion. When young Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison) arrives in Rhode Island to visit her father Alex (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) at the Victorian mansion they are restoring, she already feels like an outsider and her ornate new home seems a cold and unwanted prison. Alex, consumed with his grand project and his aspirations as an architect, is distant, having lost touch with his daughter, and Kim’s every effort to establish a bond with Sally ends in frustration. Finding comfort and escape in her solitary exploration of the property, and despite the warnings of the caretaker Mr. Harris (Jack Thompson), Sally embarks on an adventure that leads to the discovery of a hidden basement, undisturbed since the mysterious disappearance a century earlier of the mansion’s builder, famed nature illustrator Emerson Blackwood. Once the private studio of Blackwood, the dark and dank underground chamber houses the secrets of the past of this unstable and unholy place, and perhaps something even more sinister.[/notice]

At first time i see this movies poster, I thought that the ghost is so big and creepy. But actually in the movie, the ghost is just a tiny creature and sometimes so cute!.. ha3.. Geram aku nak cubit..

This girl name is Sally

Boleh tahan jugak cerita nih. The sound effect for this movies is awesome. Aku sampai terkejut beruk dibuatnya. Nasib baik tak terbuang air kat situ..

So, if you want to watch this movie, please make sure that you buang air dulu. kan tak pepasal terperanjat boboy kt dalam tuh..huhu.. Pregnant woman and children below 13 are not allowed to watch this movies ok..

Finally, thanks to Churp-churp because invites me to watch this movie. Hopefully I can get more invitation in the future.. 🙂 (hopefully Si Michelle baca nih)..huhu3.. Just kidding Michelle..


AM: Finally arrived at UMP today. A lot of work to do..



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