July 21, 2024

OPPO Find N2 Flip – New Phone From OPPO

Following the global launch of the OPPO Find N2 Flip on 15th February 2023, and its impending introduction to the Malaysian market, OPPO reveals further details regarding a key component of the ground-breaking Find N2 Flip, which heralds a new-era for flip phones.

OPPO Find N2 Flip

With the new Find N2 Flip, OPPO’s designers and engineers had challenged themselves to creatively reduce the drawbacks of a modern flip phone, such as its large, clumsy, and unreliable folding mechanisms and deeply creased screens, while also innovating on features that make flip phones adaptable and fashionable smartphones.

The cutting-edge Find N2 Flip sees another generation of improvements in hinge construction and design, flexible screen technology and reliability that pushes the boundaries of smartphones and flip phones alike, through the introduction of key features such as an innovative smart cover screen, a display with an invisible crease and the largest battery of any flip phone on the market today.

New Generation Flexion Hinge

When it comes to modern flip phones, a smooth, sturdy, and reliable hinge mechanism, a display with an invisible crease, with uncompromised smartphone performance features are all key consumer demands that OPPO’s Find N2 Flip is designed to meet and exceed.

Behind the sleek finish and sitting at the core of the OPPO Find N2 Flip is the New Generation Flexion Hinge – a result of half a decade of continued investment, research, and innovation into efficient and strong hinge design. Building on the company’s first Flexion Hinge introduced with the OPPO X 2021 and its countless iterations, the New Generation Flexion Hinge seen in the Find N2 Flip introduces the industry’s shallowest crease, uncompromised reliability, and class-leading features.

Mechanically, the New Generation Flexion Hinge is far more compact and features fewer parts than its predecessor. This efficient hinge design has proven to be far more reliable and is guaranteed to last more than 400,000 folding movements. Looking deeper, the upgraded hinge builds on the core functionality with new design and materials, a new mechanical cam system and a ¼ spindle assembly, enabling the phone to hold any angle between 45°and 110°, repeatedly and effortlessly.

OPPO’s improvements to the Flexion Hinge also extends towards the choice of materials. Featuring aeronautical-grade high-strength stainless steel (SUS) flexible steel system and carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), the New Generation Flexion Hinge is far stronger and more robust than its predecessor, delivering tensile and yield strength improvements of up to 15% and 25% respectively.

These strength improvements give the Find N2 Flip a superior quality feel when used as the phone opens freely and shuts tightly, and the display stays visibly crease-free throughout the phone’s lifetime – both of which are key pain points for many flip phone users.

With the New Generation Flexion Hinge at the core of the Find N2 Flip, OPPO had also employed a unique two-sided etching technique called the Reticular Matrix Plate, which enables the flip phone’s flexible screen to neatly fold into a teardrop shape within the Flexion Hinge, greatly reducing the visibility of the crease while also improving its long-term durability.

Optimized Design, Superior Features.The robust construction of the New Generation Flexion Hinge makes it a key component of the Find N2 Flip’s experience, but its compact design contributes equally as much to the class-leading capabilities of OPPO’s latest flip phone.

Aside from improved reliability and reduced weight, the more-compact Flexion Hinge greatly improves its space efficiency, helping the OPPO Find N2 Flip include class-leading features such as high-capacity and fast charging batteries. While most flip phones feature between 3500mAh and 3700mAh of power, the OPPO Find N2 Flip features a significantly larger 4300mAh battery and a 44W SUPERVOOC fast-charger that’s able to serve all your creative needs.

TÜV Rhineland Durability Tested

The OPPO Find N2 Flip has been put through rigorous independent quality tests conducted by industry specialists TÜV Rhineland, who have certified that the Find N2 Flip and its New Generation Flexion Hinge can indeed last a lifetime of use.

During the TÜV Rhineland’s hinge stress tests, the OPPO Find N2 Flip was put through its paces, opening, and closing once every second for 400,000 times, and in a range of climate environments with temperatures as high as 50 º C and as low as -20 º C, and humidity levels of up to 95%. When testing the Find N2 Flip’s flexible screen, the phone had also performed flawlessly, as even after 216,000 opening and closing folding cycles, the Find N2 Flip’s screen crease depth had not changed – measuring just 0.15mm and making it virtually unnoticeable to most eyes.

The OPPO Find N2 Flip is a compact, lightweight, and uncompromised flip phone that heralds a new era of highly versatile flip phones. With its robust and revolutionary Flexion Hinge design, class-leading features, and versatile smartphone experience, it sets new standards in reliability and functionality, for flip phones of the future.

The OPPO Find N2 Flip will be officially launched in Malaysia. Keep your eyes peeled for the virtual live-stream of the OPPO Find N2 Flip launch, happening on 2nd March 2023 at 3:00PM.


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