July 20, 2024

PICO 4 VR Headset

Gifting season is just around the corner and if you are having a hard time looking for a gift, look no further, as leading VR company PICO has an all-in-one VR headset that suits just about any lifestyle and interest. Whether it is for your game-loving brother, the fitness fanatic from your office, or your concert-going girlfriend, the PICO 4 along with its complimentary pack of games bundle is sure to get a nod of approval from the recipient.


Super sleek and super comfortable, the PICO 4 that recently launched in Malaysia has earned its spot as one of the smallest, lightest, and most well-balanced devices of its type in the market. The PICO 4 comes with a variety of games and apps, and with so much you are packing in one gift, you can be sure that your Christmas gift mission this year will top every other year before!

For Fitness Buffs

Who needs the same gym routine when you can exercise in extended reality? Fitness junkies can now take their workout routine to a whole new level with fitness games such as LesMills Bodycombat and All-in-One Sports VR. Bodycombat, designed by New Zealand track and field athlete Les Mills, is a virtual reality fitness class that is centered around cardio endurance, muscle toning, flexibility training, and stress-relief.

Meanwhile All-in-One Sports VR comes with 11 different sports all in one game, featuring realistic virtual sports experiences with advanced physics. One can choose to play on a range of difficulties from beginner to professional Olympic level. With the ability to set your preferred intensity levels, the person you’re shopping for can now exercise at their own pace and strive towards a healthier lifestyle in the comfort of their home.

The best part is that the PICO 4 comes with the PICO OS Sports Centre, which integrates the Calsense physical fitness monitoring algorithm. Your fitness buff will be able to track their activity while using the headset and calculate calories burned.

For Audiophiles

Meanwhile, lovers of music and high sound fidelity will enjoy the integrated binaural stereo speakers that comes with the PICO 4. Using sound field reconstruction technology, head motion data is calculated to provide an immersive and precise spatial audio effect.

This technology really shines in a game like Smash Drums. Has your music-loving friend ever dreamt of being the lead drummer in a band? They now get to unleash their inner rockstar with Smash Drums. With over 30 tracks and 20 newly added songs in 2022, this epic VR rhythm video game is a fun way for them to express themselves musically without disturbing the neighbours.

On top of that, the PICO 4 gives audiophiles the chance to attend concerts from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual concerts are a rising trend and using a VR headset is the best way to attend them for an immersive and interactive experience.

For Gamers

The PICO 4 provides an excellent VR gaming experience without needing any console or PC at all. Coming with its own internal storage and integrated processing unit, gamers can buy and play VR games in the PICO 4 in all their HD glory smoothly. The headset boasts almost zero latency, so interacting with the VR environment in games feels natural. With its sleek and light design, it offers unrivalled comfort during long gaming sessions.

Some games perfect for those long gaming sessions include After the Fall, a zombie apocalypse survival co-op game, and In Death: Unchained. Voted as “The best archery game available for VR” by Forbes, this video game will get you to travel back in time to the Middle Ages and shoot like Legolas. Both games are included in the PICO Christmas Pack!

PICO 4 can also be connected to your PC and used to play SteamVR games. This means that on top of the games within PICO’s own game library, any gamers using the PICO 4 will have access to Steam’s extensive list of VR games. This is the perfect gift for gamers!

For Cinemaholics

Netflix and chill? How about bringing entertainment to the next level! Those who love watching movies and videos will delight in using this headset as it provides a home theatre experience with 4K resolution, panoramic views, and a 90Hz Flash-LCD display for you to enjoy watching your content on.

You can even invite PICO friends to join you in a virtual cinema for watch parties. For all your content needs, PICO video provides an integrated library of content to choose from, such as interactive story films, sports events, blockbuster films, and TV series.

For Art Lovers

Has your artist friend ever wanted to see their art in 3D? Now they can with Multibrush! This app lets you unleash your creativity in a virtual canvas with three-dimensional brush strokes and special effects. The world is your canvas and the only art supplies you will need is your imagination. Perfect for those looking for a platform to express themselves artistically in a virtual format. And if you want to be able to create art with friends, this app lets you invite people to join in on collaborative canvases.

Convinced this is #TheBestXmasGift yet? Time to get your hands on one! Nothing screams the holiday season like attractive deals and PICO is being terrifically festive this year as they are adding 4 more games on top of the 4 starter games into the PICO 4 all-in-one VR headset. Customers also get to enjoy a full-set of accessories worth RM169 for FREE which includes a casing, lenses protector and sweat proof cover to keep the PICO 4 in tip-top condition.

Christmas Pack 4-game bundle: LesMills Body Combat, Superhot VR, In Death: Unchained and MultiBrush (worth RM476.93)

Starter Pack 4-game bundle: All-in-One Sports VR, Down The Rabbit Hole, OhShape, and After The Fall (worth RM440.00)

The starting price of the PICO 4 All-In One VR Headset is RM1699, with the option to double storage space, all for an additional RM300. Be the Santa your person has always dreamt of this Christmas and happy shopping! For more information on PICO 4, please visit https://www.picoxr.com/my or drop by PICO’s first ever VR concept store in Sunway Pyramid!


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