Ways To Make Your Tiny Room Looks Spacious

You and your soulmate recently just BTO a HDB together and wants to move in together after getting a renovation. For all we know, houses in Singapore can be relatively small and we are yearning to live like we are in the Bali’s luxurious villas. It’s pretty difficult to own a large estate in Singapore but that does not mean that we are destined or sentenced to stay in claustrophobia spaces. Our quality life can be improved with touches from interior design, there are plentiful of small bedroom ideas that you can use for your limited space that resembles your dream home. You can even design your small bedroom to look like a king suite.


We know mirrors are used for reflection and when you place the mirror in your tiny room’s wall, you will see the great difference and spacious of the room. Mirrors are known to help make the room spacious by reflecting the light around the room. Quick tips is hang a full-length mirror against the wall or you can hang up several smaller mirrors instead.

Brighter colours and smaller patterns

It is believed that bright colours will make your bedroom looks bigger. With a light colour palette, it will help you to open up your tiny little bedroom. Besides, it works well with both solid colour and patterned wallpaper. Most importantly, the hack is to your bulky items in your room light in colour like bed sheet, ceiling, wall and wardrobe. While the easiest way is to paint your room in different hues of white but if it looks too bland for you, we recommend you to blend in some colours suited for small bedroom. The colour hues you can mix with are blue, green and purple, anything that is soothing and at the same time, enlarge effect. Stay away from warm hues like red and yellow that create the opposite effect.

Hidden spaces

Your house may have plentiful of spaces that is often forgotten in your bedroom. Here’s how you can use up the hidden spaces (the wall), floating shelves. Floating shelves not only add up the aesthetic level of the room but also come in handy to display little trinkets on the wall without occupying the floor space. There’s another potential waste of space which is under the bed. While monsters may hide under your bed but you could add in huge containers to store your things under the bed.

Open windows

An amount of sunlight in the room can turn your room to look spacious. A bright room usually seems bigger than it really is, even for a small bedroom. It also helps to add some invisible patterns and textures to your room. However, if you insist on having curtain for privacy, some light sheer will block people’s view while allowing sun ray light up the room.

False ceiling

We’ve met many interior designers and most of them would suggest to install false ceilings for small bedrooms. While false ceilings helps to hide all the messy pipes and electrical wiring, it helps to make the ceiling looks higher and brighten the whole room. Apart from that, it also adds an elegant touch to your room while keeping things simple in your room.

Declutter your belongings

Now that we have given sufficient advice on the design and storage hacks, the last piece of advise is to go back to the root of all problems: clutter. For a neater and spacious room, declutter your room once in a while. Marie Kondo would approve this and she will tell you to ask yourself, ‘Does this spark joy?’ If it doesn’t, please trash it out or pack it for donation. You don’t need all those pants you’ve kept in the closet for 10 years or you don’t need those extra paintings that you won’t have the space to hang on.

It won’t be a far-fetched dream for you to get yourself a king suites in Singapore. However, if you don’t know where to begin, get some help from trustworthy interior designers to give you both aesthetically and practical pleasing designs. Everyone deserves a spacious comfortable bedroom for quality night sleeps.


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3 thoughts on “Ways To Make Your Tiny Room Looks Spacious

  • May 5, 2019 at 8:19 pm

    These are some lovely tips, i have tried the sunlight trick and it really does work. It Makes a huge difference in the size of the room.

  • May 18, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Furniture with storage capacity is a must for a small space.

  • May 20, 2019 at 2:38 am

    Great Designs. Thank you for this post.


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